Cebu City National Science High School Alumni Foundation


Hi All:

Welcome to the official CCNSHS Alumni Foundation Inc.’s  ‘Issues & Discussions’ section.

We encourage all alumni to participate by posting your opinion and position on various issues and concerns involving the Foundation, the alumni and the school. As a non-stock, non-profit organization, it aims to help foster fellowship among alumni and to help other alumni, the school and the community. Thus, we urge the members to show respect for each other and to refrain from comments that might unnecessarily hurt other people.

We hope this avenue will be used wisely. In general we welcome all comments, discussions, suggestions, etc. as long as it is not illegal and will not result in criminal prosecution, nor personal attacks directed against other persons, parties, or organizations.

We have the right to our own opinions, but it does not mean that our opinions are always right. Likewise all postings may not be the official stand of the Foundation, and therefore it can not be responsible and held liable for such postings.

To register and participate, please use the ‘Register’ menu item or contact us for details. Let your opinions be heard, otherwise it will be exiled into oblivion.