Cebu City National Science High School Alumni Foundation

Dr. Vinci L. Urgel

Inaugural speech delivered by Dr. Vinci L. Urgel, newly elected president of the CCNSHS Alumni Foundation, Inc., during the 2010 CCNSHS Annual Homecoming on Dec. 29, 2010 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel

Honorable Michael Rama, mayor of Cebu City; Dr. Severina Chin, principal of the Cebu City National Science High School; Mdm. Cory B. Varela, outgoing president of the CCNSHS Alumni Foundation and members of the Board of the foundation; officers and members of the organizing committee of the host batch of 1985; members of the faculty – both former and current; fellow alumni and alumnae; friends, ladies and gentlemen, Good Evening.

First, allow me to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the host batch of this alumni homecoming – the batch of 1985 – for all the sacrifices that they have made to be able to put together this affair. Next, let me extend, in behalf of the Foundation, our sincerest gratitude to the Honorable Michael Rama for taking time out from his busy schedule to grace this occasion. Our profound thank you goes to the guest speaker, Mr. Geruncio Fajardo.

The biggest challenge the incoming board of directors of the Alumni Foundatiom faces is how to make the organization relevant to its members. We recognize the great efforts done by the founders and past presidents and members of the board to try to achieve this relevance. And yet, a lot still remains to be done. This board will attempt to make its own unique contribution to making the foundation one that each and every graduate of the Cebu City National Science High School can truly identify with and be proud of.

We will continue to work on different projects under the four program areas that the Foundation has established. Under the area of Resource Development, we will try to make the mechanisms of collecting membership dues and batch pledges more efficient. We have to come up with fund-raising activities to be able to support the other program areas. Of course we will continue to appeal to the generous hearts of the alumni to give their contributions to the Foundation, financial or in other forms. We feel that our fellow alumni will be most willing to chip in and rally behind good projects undertaken by the board. We are therefore in the process of identifying projects which will have a positive impact on the school and the student body.

One of these projects is already ongoing under the Alma Mater-related program area and that is the Scholarship program. Eighteen students of the CCNSHS, who come from financially hard up families, are getting a monthly support of P600 to help them with their miscellaneous school expenses. It is our intention to continue and even expand this program. We thank the different batches and individuals who have been actively involved with this project. We hope more alumni will provide assistance to make this project sustainable.

The Foundation will set up a fund, with one of the alumni batches as the sponsoring group, which will provide cash incentives to students who will win in selected science and math competitions. The goal of this project is not only to award the achievers but more so to motivate the students to work on their skills in science and math and to perform well in the different inter-school contests.
We are likewise exploring the possibility of setting up another fund which will be used to provide financial help to students and their advisers who will be representing the school in out-of-town competitions.

The present Board is fully behind the eventual implementation of the master plan for the CCNSHS which is being initiated primarily by a highly successful and truly generous alumnus of the school. Other projects, like the installment of transformers for the whole school and building of covered walks within the school premises will be planned and hopefully be implemented within the context of the master plan. These projects will be pursued solely by the Foundation or in cooperation with the school PTCA.

Under the Alumni-related program area, we are awaiting the official launching of our website,, which is being developed by some of our fellow alumni. Together with the alumni e-group, we hope that this will effectively disseminate information about the Alumni Foundation and its activities, generate support for the undertakings of the group, foster a harmonious relationship among the alumni, and give members updates pertaining to our alma mater. We will seek out representatives from each batch, from the pioneer class to the most recent graduates, who will be active partners in the planning and implementation of the different projects. These representatives will be at the forefront of trying to make the Foundation meaningful to each alumnus and alumna. The Board, in close coordination with the host batches, will likewise seek ways on how to help make the Annual Homecoming better.

We will continue to implement community-related projects such as medical/dental/legal missions and feeding program in and around the community where the school is located.

The Board will concentrate on projects which are doable, sustainable, and useful to the most number of people possible.

We, who were just inducted into the Board of the CCNSHS Alumni Foundation, represent not only our batches who thrust us into these positions but now we also represent all the graduates of our beloved alma mater. We will attempt to rise above the petty jostling as to who has the better batch among the alumni and alumnae and just try to make our humble contributions for the betterment of the Foundation and the achievement of its avowed goals. The tie that binds us all is the Cebu City National Science High School. It is time to pay back and, even better, to pay forward whatever we have gained from the four years we spent in our beloved school. Together, we can make the Foundation relevant. We will count on you. We will have each other to count on. With the guidance and help of the Lord Almighty, we believe that the Foundation will flourish. May God bless us all.

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