Cebu City National Science High School Alumni Foundation

Wilfredo T. Sa-a, Jr.

Acceptance Speech by Wilfredo T. Sa-a, Jr.
President, CCNSHS Alumni Foundation

Delivered during the 10th CCNSHS Alumni Homecoming on Dec. 29, 2012 at the Cebu Grand Convention Center.

Honorable Mayor Rama , Beloved Principal Maam Patino, the Teachers and Staff of CCNSHS, fellow alumni and guests, it is my pleasure and honor to speak before you tonight and formally accept my position as the new President of our Alumni Foundation.
Recently elected president Wilfredo T. Sa-a, Jr. challenges all alumni to help finance the Foundation’s projects. It might be some kind of a coincidence since I am also currently working full time with another foundation which is the Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology or CEDFIT for short. CEDFIT has been around since 2001 and has been directly supporting the IT/BPO Industry of Cebu focusing on human resource development and strong academe-industry linkage. When CEDFIT was formed more than 10 yrs. ago, Cebu was just aspiring to be one of the IT Hubs of our country. But in 2010, Cebu City became one of the Top Ten Global Outsourcing Cities and the Philippines became the Contact Center Capital of the Globe displacing India who started the contact center industry 10 years ahead of us. CEDFIT, though just a foundation was able to contribute to what the IT/BPO industry has accomplished. It has accomplished so much in just about 10 years time because it enjoys the full support of its members.
Our Alumni Foundation is about as old as CEDFIT but to date most of us can say that our first decade was a good start in organizing the association and having this annual homecoming tradition, assisting several scholars through high school and recognizing the achievers from our alma mater. I would like to thank our trailblazing past President’s of the foundation: Atty Douglas Rustila, Atty Daymeg Lepiten, Ms. Gigi Franza, Ms. Cory Varela and Dr. Vinci Urgel for laying down the groundwork and for keeping this organization intact through the last 10 years.
Now, we are in our second decade and just like any other organization who wants to sustain its existence for more years, we need to continuously make ourselves relevant and let our membership realize the value of being a part of this organization.
As your President, I intend to be your volunteer servant leader and prioritize on the following projects:
1. Continue with the scholarship program, so I am calling on our donors to continue supporting our scholars and we will welcome new donors as well.
2. With the permission and confirmation from Batch 80, we will continue to give incentives to students/teacher advisers who will bring honor to the school by winning in selected contests(science/math and English)
3. Improve information sharing between the school and the foundation and among the alumni. We will encourage every batch to have their own group mail or Facebook page to expedite information sharing. We will request each batch starting with the Pioneering Batch (Batch 74) to feature 2-4 successful members of their batch who can help their fellow alumni in any way they want like giving discounts to services or providing non-monetary assistance. We will suggest that those who will be featured either in our egroup or facebook page will be willing to help.
After I was elected last Sept, I approached one of our most important customer which is our beloved alma mater. I visited our school and met with the new school Principal Maam Maritess Patino and asked her what are the pressing concerns that the alumni foundation can help. She identified 3 concerns:
1. perceived transformer deficiency and need for rewiring. Estimated cost is about P 500,000.00 subject to confirmation after a safety assessment and electrical systems design audit is conducted.
2. Additional comfort rooms(conversion of 8 existing shower rooms to comfort rooms – estimated cost at P 80,000.00
3. Maintenance of eResearch Lab- annual cost of P 94,400.00.
The first 2 projects will have a total non-recurring cost of P 580,000.00 while the third one a recurring annual cost of P 94,400.00.
Now that all the batches are 10 years older and I suppose 10 yrs more capable to share or give back to our alma mater since we organized this foundation, I would like to challenge especially the first 20 batches from Batch 74 to Batch 93 who are now more stable and established in their respective fields to to be more generous in our fundraising activity.
If each batch will commit even just P 50,000.00, we will be able to raise P 1 million and it will be more than enough to address the electrical concern and the comfort room issue and will have enough money left to operate the eResearch Lab for at least 4 years.
By the way, I feel very blessed and fortunate to be a part of Batch 76 because they have generously given me their full support to be your Alumni President. They gave me their full support with this little piece of paper. This is a cash deposit slip for P 105,000.00 deposited to the Alumni Foundation account last Dec. 27, 2012.
We do hope that the other batches will seriously take up the challenge so we can all make a contribution that will have a big impact for the safety and sanitation issues of our Alma Mater. The success of this voluntary organization will depend on your generosity and commitment.

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