Cebu City National Science High School Alumni Foundation


During the February 2010 Alumni meeting held at the residence of the current president Mrs. Socorro Varela, among the issues discussed, was to renew efforts by the current students, faculty, alumni, and administration to promote excellence in science, and mathematics which we believe was the original intent and mission of CCNSHS.

In this regard, a proposal was advanced to the Alumni Foundation Board to help revitalize efforts to promote excellence in sciences and math as these are areas that are vital to national survival and growth. As we have limited resources, it was suggested that we focus on specific objectives and measurable positive outcomes. Winning these competitions is a positive and measurable outcome. We must help current students excel and compete in these areas. We must support science fair projects that have the most national relevance. Inter-disciplinary efforts to mentor and train these students how to think and act as potential winners, especially in areas of subject competence and effective presentation, must be the focus.

The following suggestions were discussed:

1. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, IT-related projects such as robotics and web technology and English are the focus.

2. Identify the major officially-recognized regional and national science fairs that CCNSHS must compete.

3. Cash prizes will be awarded to first place winners of these events. A cash incentive award of P10,000.00 for first-place regional winners, and P15,000.00 for first-place national winners is initially planned.

4. An initial fund of P100,000.00 is to be raised for this purpose. A fund campaign can be promoted to solicit funds not only to the alumni, but also corporate sponsors.

5. When a student or team of students wins at least the regional science fairs, funds may be allocated to help pay for their traveling and meal allowances including project and presentation materials. Cash awards will be given to faculty advisers of the winning student(s).

6. Also an Alumni member is encouraged to volunteer and mentor these students to increase their chances of winning in these competitions. Then a core group of volunteers (about 4-6 people for each discipline) will assist these students. A coordinated inter-disciplinary effort is required to make these students succeed.

Please let us not forget the common glue that originally bound as together as students of CCNSHS. Let us show our respects and gratitude to those who believed in us, by offering our knowledge and experiences as assistance and support to those who follow us.

As of this writing, about P145k has been raised/pledged for this endeavor.

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