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About Sci-Hi

Cebu City Science High School was established in its present site in barangay Labangon that was acquired through a donation from Don Sergio Osmeña, Sr. to the City Government.
The first building of the school was a modified 3-unit steel pre-fab Marcos-type school building. The school drew a development plan, and the founding principal Mrs. Rosalina R. Kintanar sought direct financial aid from the President in order to construct a two-storey Academic Library Building. The Science Building that was reconstructed from the pre-fab Marcos type original, the ESEP Building, and the School Gymnasium were added during the administration of Mrs. Nicanora P. Creus. Succeeding principals also had their share in the development of school buildings and facilities.

With her ingenuity and brilliance, the founding principal, Mrs, Rosalina R. Kintanar pioneered in gathering sixty-four intelligent students and five competent teachers who started with what is now the Cebu City National Science High School. The first batch are mostly from public schools in Cebu City. Sixty-four of them took the risk and joined as the pioneer batch of Cebu City Science High School.

It was on May 15, 1970 that the Cebu City granted a 7 hectare land in Labangon for a school site. Classes began in July 1970, just barely three months after the plan to set up was approved. Building was still being constructed. With the hammering and sawing, pioneer students tried to listen to their teachers. The pioneer batch set the tradition of winning awards especially in math and science competition. The lower batches have no choice but to follow. Raising of poultry and gansa is also distinctively pioneer. Guan, grab hoe are common.

In its fourth year of operation with 202 population, it was forced to rent the second floor of the Cristan building where three classes were held at the same time.

Under PD 105, the school became the Cebu City National Science High School.
By 1976, the a two storey Academic-Library building was inaugurated with the support of the national government.

But in the year 1980, a portion of the school was used for the setting up of a barangay hall.

The founding principal was succeeded the following administrators:
Mr. Tereso Edo April 1982
Mrs. Nicanora P. Creus Oct. 1985
Mrs. Pilar tesluan February 1999
Mrs. Severina B. Chin, OIC May 2001- July 2001
Mr. Jesus G. Ortiz 2002
Mrs. Severina Chin June 2002 – Present

The Cebu City National Sciences High School provides the pool of students who are proficient in Science, Mathematics, and English imbued with moral values and who will pursue Science and oriented careers in preparation for their leadership roles in the Philippine society.

Cebu City National Science High School aims to gear education towards quality improvement through Science, Mathematics, and English learning. It shall turn graduates to be academically and technologically oriented and skillfully competent in the field of work through a well-equipped school and well-trained teachers.

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