Cebu City National Science High School Alumni Foundation

Our Mission

The Foundation was formed to institutionalize the “giving and the helping” practice of the alumni to their alma mater. Batch ’78 initiated the formation of the CCNSHS Alumni Foundation, through Atty. Magdalena Lepiten as the coordinator.

1. To assist, help and promote the fulfillment of the objectives and mandate of Cebu City National Science High School (CCNSHS) most especially in its aim in educating the deserving students of the country.

2. To organize the graduates of CCNSHS and promote their well-being so that they may be productive citizens of the country and to foster a stronger and more active fellowship and comradeship among its members, and also for the alumni to be able to render services in the field of their expertise or profession to the marginalized and needy sector of our society.

3. To engage, establish and operate any civic and charitable projects for the purpose of promoting the physical, moral, and intellectual, social, economic and cultural well-being of the people of the Philippines in general and of the alumni and students of CCNSHS in particular.